A Chinese Take on American Food

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Chinese dishes are some of the most popular in the world. Americans are drawn to this variety of food because of its unique flavors and colorful presentation. Chinese restaurants can be found all over the United States and people enjoy trying these tasty dishes for their parties, festivals and special events.

Chinese food consists of several main courses that are usually served with vegetables and soup. Usually, these dishes are full meals, including meats like pork, beef and chicken. However, these flavorful foods don’t always contain snacks or desserts such as fortune cookies. The fourth most common Chinese dish in America is spicy tofu.

Cantonese Chinese Cuisine

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Cantonese Chinese cuisine is one of the most familiar Chinese cuisines in America. These traditional Chinese dishes are very different from the more common Chinese dishes and are unique in taste. Cantonese dishes consist of vegetables, seafood, meat and fruit. Some of the most popular Cantonese Chinese dishes include:

The first Cantonese vegetable that was introduced to America was bean sprout. This delicious vegetable was enjoyed by early settlers in America. Today you will find bean sprouts in stir fries, salads, soups, sauces and many other dishes. Beef is another common Chinese vegetable and you will find it in a variety of dishes. Sausage puddings and beef and cabbage stir-fries are two very popular dishes that use beef as the main ingredient. In addition to these more traditional Chinese vegetables, there are many more varieties such as long the ham, chicken loin, bok choy and chicken rice.

The Stock Bao

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Another very popular Chinese vegetable is the stock bao, or soup dumpling. This is a dish that is very easy to make and it is a favorite for breakfast. The common Chinese food breakfast is usually either a fruit salad or a fruit cake. The soup dumpling is an excellent alternative to the fruit cake. It is served with steamed white rice. The soup dumpling is very easy to make; all you need is: a cabbage | egg | yi} Next on our list is the Chinese egg omelet. This dish is very popular and can be found in almost any Chinese restaurant. It consists of eggs in a stock made from meat and flour. Usually the stock used has duck or chicken stock but today you will also find many different stock options. You will need: four egg whites, three tablespoon soy sauce, two dill pickles, one piece of white bread soaked in vinegar and a half glass of white wine.

Soba is yet another very popular staple of Chinese cooking and it is a soup that are made from buckwheat. Soba can also be called miso soup. It is made from buckwheat, egg and water. This is a delicious, salty, sweet and sour soup. You will need: one cup of water, two tablespoons of buckwheat flour, a quarter pound of meat, four dried chilies, four dried garlic pods, and an egg.

Chinese Cabbage

Probably one of the most popular and most widely known Chinese foods is called Chinese cabbage. It is also known as spinach in some local Chinese areas. This is a very tasty vegetable that goes well with steamed white rice. You will need: three cups of water, one inch of cabbage, one teaspoon of salt, and one tablespoon of soy sauce.

Probably one of the most common Chinese foods in America is dim sum. Dim sum is a variety of soup or dumpling that comes from the Szechwan region of China. There are many different varieties of dim sum including the more common Chinese cabbage and beef.

Cantonese Food

Lastly, the most common Chinese food in America is Cantonese food. Cantonese food is native to China, and Cantonese is the traditional language spoken in China. The Cantonese word for sweet is xi, which means sweet. Some of the more common Cantonese foods include sweet rice pudding, chicken rice rolls, and sweet almond cakes.


As you can see, Chinese food in America is not too dissimilar from its traditional Chinese counterpart. You can find all of the same types of ingredients and flavors, and some of the same techniques used to prepare it as well. When it comes to making your favorite Chinese dish, the biggest differences between the two versions of Chinese food come down to the flavors that are used in the preparation. Most Americans are used to the deep-fried delight offered by deep-fried chicken, and most have no idea that the Cantonese version uses a lot of ginger and sesame oil for their dumplings and stir fry, and that these herbs and oils give the dish its signature flavor.

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