A Greek Dining Experience – 4 Common Greek Food Dishes

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The history of pizza can be traced back to ancient Troy, where they had a breaded meat pie that was baked in the oven.

Another common Greek food is the Gyro. A gyro is simply the Greek word for swan. The Gyro is made of lamb or ox and it is served with a rich sauce of olive oil, vinegar, garlic and tomatoes. You can find Gyro all over Greece. In Athens, you will find gyros at almost every restaurant on the street. In any neighborhood in Northern Greece you will most likely run into a Gyro joint.

Yogurt Tzatziki Sauce

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Probably the most famous dish from the country as well as the city of Greece are the yogurt tzatziki sauce. This sauce is made from yogurt which is then flavored with vinegar and parsley. The sauce is often served on its own with bread or with grilled meat. I have never seen a Greek waiter serve a meal without a yogurt tzatziki sauce.

Lamb is another popular Greek dish and probably the most traditional one. Traditionally, Greek lamb was slaughtered on a spit. Nowadays, you can find lamb at most meat markets and it can be grilled, roasted or barbecued. Some chefs serve their lamb wrapped in aluminum foil or even on skewers.


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Probably the most famous Greek dish in the country is moussaka. Moussaka is probably the best known Greek appetizer. It is a dish that is prepared using a thin knife dipped into olive oil and the pieces of meat are laid on top of the knife and cooked in the olive oil. Many people compare the taste of moussaka to that of Greek peanuts. Another similar Greek recipe is the meat on tortilla which is called tarahora.

Another common Greek food that is eaten in Greece is the classic Greek salad. The Greek salad is generally made up of different vegetables, fruits, cheese and meat. Some Greeks like their salads to be light while others like them to be more heavy. A Greek salad may consist of lettuce, tomato and a lot of ketchup.

Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is another common Greek food in Greece. You can find this cheese in many different forms like feta, cheddar and even mozzarella. The best way to describe feta cheese is the shredded cheese that you get after cutting it. Another popular cheese that is commonly found in Greek food is called pane d’arco and is a delicious cheese that comes from the cheeses of Portugal. This cheese is a little tough and it is usually blended with honey and served as an appetizer.

One of the most common Greek cuisines is that of the gyro. A gyro is a very large food that consists of a variety of meats such as lamb, goat, beef and even duck. Traditionally these foods are cooked on an olive oil base but there are many restaurants that serve this food that uses a different type of oil. The ingredients of a typical gyro are chickpeas, olive oil, onions, tomatoes and spices. Gyros are served with salads or as a side dish.

Mediterranean Diet

The last common Greek food that we are going to look at is the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet is based around meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. People in the Mediterranean actually consume a lot more fish than people in other countries. It is actually common for a Mediterranean meal to consist of three meals and a small dessert. People in the Middle East actually believe that the diet is the reason for their longevity. In addition to the diet there are a number of other spices, oils and products that are used in the Middle east which brings us to our next topic, authentic Greek cuisine.

Authentic Greek food is very rich in it’s usage of olive oil, cheese and yogurt in its dishes. A typical Greek food dish would consist of rice, beans, lentils, nuts and herbs all of which contain good amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and protein. These healthy ingredients make for a great diet and a great way to get your daily calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and protein that you need to stay healthy.


If you really want to experience authentic Greek food, try eating a gyro made of lamb. A gyro made of lamb has a wonderful flavor to it and can be cooked with or without olive oil and the sauce that is made from red pepper, lemon juice and garlic. Other recipes that you might want to try are: grilled salmon wrapped in aluminum foil with egg salad, lamb’s livers on top of grilled tomatoes with olive oil, chicken gyro with tzatziki sauce, lamb’s livers with tzatziki sauce, lamb’s stock, roasted potatoes with gyro and mint.

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