Some Common Food Myths About American Foods!

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We all have heard some facts about American food, and we are quite gullible in believing them.  When we talk about healthy American food, we all know how tasty it can be. Food and nutrition also have some misconceptions which need to be busted, which is why we are here. Today we are going to talk about the food-related myths, and we are going to bust them. So get ready to know about the most common American foods and the facts!

American Foods Of Grapefruit And Other Vitamin C Sources

Most people think that vitamin C helps from getting immunity from the common cold. But that is not true. Vitamin C sources like grapefruit and lime can help with people who do very good physical exercise. A toast in removing the stress as well as helping with weight loss. Exercise can cause a lot of physical and mental stress on the body, which can be covered with vitamin C.

Famous Canadian Food For All Age Groups!
Famous Canadian Food For All Age Groups!


We have a very bad idea that is eating celery burns a lot of calories. Some of the doctors even said that it has negative calories, which is not at all true. Yes, it is a healthy diet to maintain a healthy weight. The myth about a negative calorie is false. Attempt to have these healthy snacks will help boost weight loss, but the food in itself is not going to burn calories.

Raw Carrots Are Nutritious

Most of us think that a raw carrot will have more nutrition than when cooked. Cooking the carrot will increase the value of nutrition that it has, and the antioxidants increase by at least 14% while cooking. There are a lot of cooking methods that can lead to less amount of antioxidant value, but that isn’t very important. According to the Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, the study in 2008 said that carrots contain a high amount of antioxidants when cooked.

Some Common Food Myths About American Foods
Some Common Food Myths About American Foods

Eggs Are Not Good For The Heart

This is a line that most of us are confused about, but eggs are good for cardiovascular health. It’s comprised of good cholesterol that does not clog the arteries of the heart. Most healthy people can eat one egg every day, which will not lead to any problem. But too much of anything is bad, and the egg yolk is probably not good for the body. Therefore you should be very careful not to listen to everything that people say regarding eggs.

Corn Syrup Is Not Good

According to the Americans, corn syrup is even worse than sugar on your body. Even though it might have high fructose content, it cannot be worse than sugar. According to the center of Sciences in Washington, DC corn syrup is a mimicry of sugar so that people can have better health and a better alternative.

Now you know about some of the myths and facts of American foods; you should not have any problem consuming the same. Try to have every food but in a balanced manner so that there is no negative impact on the body.

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