Argentina Famous Foods You Must Try - Argentina Famous Foods You Must Try -

Argentina Famous Foods You Must Try

Argentina Famous Food

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name Argentine? Football and World Cup? When this beautiful country has a lot more than that. For example, Argentine has some of the best dishes to offer, which is one reason you would want to visit that country at least once. Among all the cuisines, the best Argentina famous foods incorporate meat cuts, various cooking styles as well as delicious sauces. Here are some of the best dishes for you to check out, and you will leave the place craving for more!

Meat Steak-Argentina Famous Foods

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Do you love to have a bit of steak no matter where you are? Then Argentina is the correct place to be in if you are craving a good steak. It is one of the best countries with top-notch cattle, which is why there is a supply of fresh meat. The best manner to have delicious steak is at Parilla, and these are amazing steakhouses to bring the juiciest platter in front of you for sure. You can find most of them in Buenos Aires and make sure that you visit the best-rated ones. The Parilla is a large grilling zone on which the meat is burnt to perfection. You can spend a perfect time with your friends and family and celebrate Asado.

Empanadas Con Carne Picada

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If you have a tooth for something crunchy, then this is the stuffed pastries that will be an addition to the tastebuds. The filling is of ground beef, and the stuffing is known as carne. There are some other fillings that you can find known as pollo, queso, Jamon, and atun- meaning chicken, cheese, and tuna, respectively. If you want, you can even get spicy empanadas, and they come in exciting shapes like the heart-shaped ones.

Milanesa A La Napolitana Con Papas Fritas-Argentina Famous Foods

This is a breaded seasoning that you can find in fantastic restaurants, and you can dip it in egg, bread crumbs, and fry it. It is easy to make at home, and it is somewhat like the Austrian Schnitzel. The only difference that you can find is that it is made out of beef and not pork. It is a next-level type of cooking, and you can take mozzarella cheese, sauce, and ham on the side. Not only that, but it also has historical relevance and was found in the late 1940s. Now it is one of Argentina’s most popular snacks, and you can have it with chips(which they call papas fritas).

Alfajor De Maicena: Dulce De Leche Cookies

If any dessert runs in the veins of Argentina residents, it is this cookie type dessert. You can make it with caramelized milk, and there will be plenty for all. The cookie type biscuits are joined together, and then there is a grated coconut covering. This is an inspired dessert, and the alfajor de maicena takes it to a new level. The molten chocolate makes the final product even better.


Now that you have a basic idea regarding Argentina famous foods that you must try make sure that you have a bite of them all. So what are you waiting for?

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