Breakfast Dishes From Different Countries

What The World Eats: Breakfast Item

As you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is called as the star meal. Whether you east home-made breakfast or grab something from the shop, you cannot just miss it. Different people depending on their culture and place of living have varied breakfast. So, here I am giving you an insight into what the world eats in the morning.

English Breakfast

As soon as I typed the name, a platter full of fried bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, sausages and baked beans and butter toasted bread appear in front of my eyes. That’s not all! How can you forget the eggs with their sunny side up! This impressive platter is the king of all breakfast items.

What The World Eats: Breakfast Item
What The World Eats: Breakfast Item

American Morning Feast

A fluffy pancake made with blueberry and garnished ample maple syrup is famous in America. And the bacon rashers serve as the perfect accompaniment.

Japanese Breakfast Platter

If you are in search of lavish breakfast, go for the Japanese meal. With an eye to precision and taste, the Japanese have made their morning meal quite famous among the foodies. A well-decorated platter comprising of steamed rice topped with raw egg, a bowl of miso soup, grilled fish, dried nori sheets and pickles will fascinate you. And to accessorize it, you will get a cup of lovely green tea in Japan.

Mexican Breakfast

People around the world love Mexican breakfast due to their scrumptiousness and variety. Scrambled eggs with tacos, braised meats, egg fried in a ranch style, aromatic sausages, nachos as well as refried beans – Can you name any other breakfast better than this? Want some more? Well, they also eat fried tortilla garnished with flavored sauce. A platter of so many varieties will not only make your tummy full, but your heart will be full too with the taste.

What The World Eats: Breakfast Item
What The World Eats: Breakfast Item

German Breakfast Buffet

They have everything that you can think of – marmalade, jam and bread, local and fresh cheese, cold salami and ham and eggs in any form you want. Are you a hardcore carnivore? Then Bratwurst sausages will blow your mind. Made with pork, or beef and veal, these sausages are incredibly tasty.

Italian Star Meal

Italian breakfast is simple yet elegant. A hot cup of cappuccinos and croissant say it all. However, they also have bread rolls, fresh fruits, different pastries, and biscotti on their morning table. So, if you go to Italy, do not forget to try their Cappuccino e Cornetto.

Chinese Breakfast

China is so huge that they have different breakfast items in different regions. A typical Chinese morning food comprises of dough sticks deep-fried accompanies by hot soy milk. Many people also have a bowl of soup along with dim sums in the morning.

Colombian Breakfast

When you want to know about what the world eats at their breakfast table, you cannot exclude Colombian meal. If you are in Colombia, you will be amazed by their morning food named arepa. It is nothing but a dense cake made of corn and garnished with a dollop of butter. You can also have this little sweet cake with eggs, jam, or even meat.

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