Different Food Groups And Their Benefits

The Different Types Of Food And Their Impact On Human Health

As humans, we all need food to meet our energy needs, for growth and repair, and to stay healthy. Without food and nutrition, our bodies will not be able to work correctly. According to research, if we go without food for prolonged periods, our bodies will dissolve our muscles for energy. Therefore, food is of paramount importance for keeping our bodies in good shape. People from different regions have different body types.

Consequently, they have different kinds of diets and eating habits. You may live in any part of the world. However, you will always choose from a few main types of food groups. So, let’s talk about these food groups in detail.

Types of Foods – Proteins:

There are millions of cells coursing through our bodies in the form of blood. Specialized cells called neurons are helping us think and make decisions. At the same time, other cells are performing their respective functions in our organs. Do you know what all of these cells have in common? They are all made of proteins. Our body needs proteins to replace damaged cells and to promote cell growth. It also helps to build muscle, hormones, and enzymes in the body. Some protein rich-foods include seafood, beans, peas, meat, nuts and seeds, and soy products.

Top Five Popular Different Cuisines In The World
Top Five Popular Different Cuisines In The World

Types of Food – Grains:

People eat grains as a staple food in many parts of the world. They are one of those types of food which are rich in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates provide energy to our muscles and brain. Although many people think that the grain group only consists of foods such as bread, rice, oatmeal, and cereals. However, it also includes legumes. There are two types of cereal grains- refined grains and whole grains. During refining, a grain loses a significant fraction of the nutrients present in it. On the contrary, eating whole grains gives you nutrients from all parts of the grain. 

Types Of Food – Fruits:

Fruits are the edible part of a tree which contains the seeds. These types of food are fleshy and nutritious. They may taste sour, sweet, tangy, and bittersweet, depending upon the kind of fruit. A great source of nutrients, fruits help avoid complications like cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure. They also help prevent skin and hair disorders. Besides consuming fruits directly, we can also have them canned, juiced, and dried.

Types Of Food – Dairy Products:

Dairy products are food products derived from milk. They include yogurt, cheese, and buttermilk. Dairy products are rich sources of carbohydrates(lactose), calcium, and fats. However, some people with lactose intolerance cannot consume these products. In this case, they have to take to calcium-fortified foods such as soy.

Types Of Foods – Vegetables:

Unlike fruits, vegetables are the edible parts of a plant such as leaves, stems, and roots. In terms of cooking, they have a salty and spicy flavor. They are a good source of fibers, potassium, folate, and. Vegetables such as tomatoes, garlic, and spinach are the types of foods called superfoods. It is because they provide additional benefits.

The Different Types Of Food And Their Impact On Human Health

So, these were the primary food groups that every person should include in their diet. Following a balanced diet not only helps you stay healthy; but also aids in repair and reinforcement of the body.

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