Do You Know About Famous Food Of Different Countries?


It has been suggested that each of us has a country of origin that influences what we eat and drink and has got one famous food. This is sometimes difficult to determine unless one has the stomach for the task of examining all of the cuisines that have been developed by various cultures.

Chinese Culture Food in particular influences all of the above. It has heavy use of soy, honey, vinegar, and its longevity. These are just some of the ideas that come to mind when talking about Food Culture in China.

Various Countries Has Different Famous Food

Choosing famous food from a list of different countries that we all know well would be very hard. But there are some foods that stand out and seem to be a central point of interest for each country. They are some of the most famous foods in the world and something that is often talked about and eaten.

One of the biggest fish sticks, which are very popular in Australia. The famous foods of different countries are not as common in Australia as they are in America and Europe.

Do You About Famous Food Of Different Countries?
Do You About Famous Food Of Different Countries?

Fish is also a country food so those who love these creatures can be expected to find something similar. A very popular dish for cooking is also a traditional Chinese dish that is well known and loved by many Chinese and Australians alike.

Australia is also very famous for its chicken and meat pies and the biggest and best in the world. Of course, the main cities are known for their hot dogs and cheese.

Canada is very well known for the legendary Creme Brulee and Australia for the famous fish and chips. Both of these countries have the largest in the world chicken industry in the world which is very popular in all of the countries and still popular in some of the other countries.

Thailand is well known for its La Moutardiere. This is a famous country food and La Moutardiere from Japan which is another famous country food. Both of these are well known throughout the world for their specialties.

Chinese Is One Of The Famous Food

Thailand and Japan are countries where Chinese produce much of the famous country food. The use of soy sauce in China and fresh fish from China are very popular.

Do You About Famous Food Of Different Countries?
Do You About Famous Food Of Different Countries?

Some countries are famous for using rice such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Of course one should not forget the popular Asian style of eating which uses noodles and rice which have become quite popular in China, Japan, and the rest of Asia.

We also cannot forget to mention Canada which is well known for its famous country food such as the famous Bacon Cheese Mac. It is an international staple and is one of the most widely eaten foods in the world.


It is great to see where foods come from and how they are made and processed. Because it gives us a window into people’s memories and cultures. We should all remember that each of us has a country of origin and that makes it easier to appreciate the difference and take pride in it.

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