Everybodys Favourite – Worlds Best Street Food( Mini Edition)

world's best street food (mini edition)

Street foods are sold by a hawker or vendor in a portable stall, cart, or food truck. They are foods obtainable from a street-side vendor, often from a marked shift or portable stall, while some Street foods are regional. It is ready to eat food or drink sold in a street or other public place. Today in developing countries Street foods are very popular. These foods are very much popular in every country due to their low price and unique taste. They reflect traditional local cultures and also exist in an endless variety. In today there are so many variations in the materials used in it as well as the method of preparation of street food, beverages, snacks, and meals. We are surrounded by street foods, and India is a very popular country for many kinds of street foods; like many other places, there are many kinds of street foods.

Different Street Food From Different Region

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The most popular street foods are jhal Muri, puchka, chapati, chanachur, bhelpuri, icecream, samosa, and vegetable roll Kolkata Puri achar from India. Tourists love to hop on such street foods of different countries where they are traveling to. Every country has different Street foods like Neapolitan pizza, chocolate dishes in Mexico, sushi in Japan, Peking duck in China, Hamburger Germany, tom yum goong Thailand, and many more. These are known as the specialty and attract many tourists worldwide. They have low cost and refreshing sitting facilities. Their marketing success depends exclusively on location, open promotion, and refreshing vibes altogether. Of the place, you are traveling to. If you aspire to know the culture and history of the place, you need to try its cuisine. Many try to go along the best restaurants of the place, but we suggest you try the street foods of the place. It will give you immense taste and happiness. Traveling completely depends upon the food. Here is the list of street foods that are unique all around the world, and every traveler to states must try.

Banana cue from Philippines

Asinan from Indonesia

Aloo Chaat from South Asia

Beguni are from Bangladesh, West Bengal.

Focaccia from Italy.

Gelato from Italy again.

Gyro from Greece.

Hot Dog from the United States.

These are some best street foods you must try if you visit these places.


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Street food businesses are usually operated by individuals or families in which 94% of vendors are male, and 88% vendors have their own capital to continue their business, and benefits from their trade extend throughout the local economy. These are tourist attractions and have fantastic taste as well.

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