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common russian food

Some of the most popular foods in Russia are not necessarily the most common Russian foods, but they are certainly very tasty. Many foreigners who have made the decision to live in Russia realize that while there are many wonderful benefits, there are also many negative aspects. Unfortunately many of the negative aspects have to do with the way people in Russia are perceived by the Russian people. The way they are treated and the way that their values are perceived can be directly related to the way that they see themselves as an identity. It is this self-identity that determines the way that they will act towards others.

Here Is The List Of Common Russian Food

Salsas And Cottage Cheese

Russian Food

Some of the most popular foods in Russia are salsas and cottage cheese. Salsas are a unique form of cuisine that use a lot of different spices. These spices are usually tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppermint, and salt. Cottage cheese is a very rich cheese and if you purchase it from a shop in Russia you can be sure that it is authentic and not fake. Many of the more common Russian foods such as sour cream and cottage cheese are considered a delicacy in Russia.

 So-called Mushroom Soup 

Russian Food

Another popular and common Russian food is the so-called mushroom soup called borscht. This soup is made from several different types of mushrooms and it can be used as a base for other Russian dishes. There are dozens of famous restaurants that serve borscht. One of the most famous borscht dishes is called shashlik (which literally means thin crust). This is made by adding thin layers of mushroom to a few cups of very hot and salty stock, and the end result is a delicious soup.

Beef is another very popular and common Russian food. It is probably because of the strong cultural ties between the two countries that beef is such a popular dish. One of the most famous meat soup recipes in the world is called classic stroganoff. A classic stroganoff is made by mixing beef soup and ketchup in equal parts, and it is often served with warm prawns or fish. You can also make a beef stroganoff that has a flavor all its own, by simply simmering onions, carrots and potatoes in a red wine along with chopped beef and parsley.

Chicken Soups Are Another Favorite Meal In Russia

Many restaurants serve some delicious chicken soups that can be had for lunch or dinner, and they are generally accompanied by an excellent soup. Some chefs use boneless chicken and oven fried potatoes for their soups.

The third most popular type of food that is consumed in Russia is alcohol. Many believe that the creation of vodka in the country started in another country, but according to historians that the first Russian drink was created when the monks of the Golden circle traveled to Poland. They brought with them Russian salted fish, and Polish bread that the monks cooked on a spit. This dish became known as beer, and shortly after it was created, it was drunk as a cold drink.

Beer is one of the best known foods from Russia, but there are several other drinks that are made from all parts of the world. Many of these drinks, like brandy, are consumed during festive celebrations. Some people drink them for their health benefits as well, especially if they contain carbohydrates. Many famous Russian chefs use fruits in their cooking, and one of those is raisins. Many famous chefs in Russia also eat carrots when they make soup.

Final Thoughts

Many foreigners who visit Russia are amazed at the variety of food that is eaten in the country. The people are very polite and make ordering in restaurants a pleasure, and often their foreign guests find that the prices are very reasonable. When people come to visit Russia and see the culture behind the Russian way of life, they are often impressed by the food and are interested in learning more about Russian culture. Before booking a trip to Russia, consider booking some cheap flights and spending your time in this beautiful country.

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