Famous Dishes Of The Chinese Kitchen

Some Of The Famous Dishes Available In China

In every culture food is an important aspect. Chinese culture is no different. It is quite apparent that the Chinese like to eat quality food. Food brings joy and creates a bond between people. Most of their dishes are unique and come with intense flavor.

They have the own uniqueness to them and made from a variety of ingredients. Flavor profiles have been developed for centuries from one dynasty to another.

Famous Dishes

The Chinese always ensured that they kept the dishes simple retaining the texture, flavor, and color. Most of the dishes have cooling properties. This is to be from the Yin dynasty and the warm elements in the food are from the Yang.

Hence, both the elements mixed and the right balance got from the two concepts. Chinese dishes come with a wide range of ingredients produced in regions. We will discuss a few of them briefly in this article.

The Shandong dishes find themselves used mainly in soups. The mixture of the Jiaodong dishes and Jinan dishes made from crisp and fresh items. They come with a strong aroma. Though they are thin in consistency, they are strong in flavor when creamy and thick.

The foods deep-fried and fried on pans. Some of the Jinan chefs prepare dishes that have very light taste in them. The Jiaodong cooks that have light taste in them are the Yellow River Carp and the Bird’s Nest Soup.

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Sichuan Dishes

The Sichuan dishes come with a wide range of elements in them. They are spicy as well as creamy. There is a special technique to cook the dishes. The right balance between the pepper and the other ingredients poured in the dish have to be decided well.

Large amounts of braising, pickling, and frying without the use of oil considered as important. Some of the dishes using this technique include twice-cooked pork, kung pao chicken, water-boiled fish, and tasty and spicy crab.

Hunan Dishes

The Hunan dishes come with a sharp and thick flavor. The reason for that being the amounts of shallot, chili, and pepper that goes in it. Some of the dishes used here are a mix of traditional recipes.

Few of the popular dishes are lotus seeds in the rock sugar syrup, the sizzling rice soup, and the Dongan chicken. The Fujian dishes come with plenty of sea cuisine. They come with a wide range of colors and a mixture of sour and salty flavors.

Another feature noticed in these dishes are the pickled taste. Some of the popular dishes made for the Fujian dishes are prawn with dragon’s entire body, the snow poultry, phoenix’s tail and the buddha jumping over the wall.

Anhui Dishes

The Anhui dishes are also known as the hui cai. The dish comes with some of the delicacies from the Yanjiang, South Anhui, and Huai Bei. When cooking the dishes, it is important that the temperature and color keenly watched.

They come made from the bamboo shoots along with sausage and dehydrated mushroom. Few of them include stewed shell turtle with ham, Li Hongzhang Hotchpotch, and the stewed snapper.

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