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Top famous foods In Europe You Must Try

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Europe is a continent made in different countries. But two famous desserts from Belgium and Italy are today popular across the globe. In this article, we shall discuss these famous foods in Europe that you must try.

Gelato - topmost famous foods
Gelato – topmost famous foods

Famous Food In Europe


The Italians have given the world a delicious frozen dessert called Gelato. It’s a little different from the usual ice-cream and made from milk, cream, and sugar. It’s flavored with nuts, fruits, and many such flavorings. Though low in fat content, gelato is high in sugar. Gelato is also a little denser and creamier when compared to other ice-creams as it contains less air.

This drool-worthy frozen dessert is served in cones, cups, cakes, pies, and sticks. It must contain 3.5% of butterfat as a general rule in Italy unlike other ice-creams in the U.S. which contain 10% butterfat. Gelato yields a most satisfying feeling to your sugar craving and that explains its popularity.

This frozen dessert is neither like the usual ice-cream nor is it a famous ice-cream brand. But it has taken the world by storm by its unique preparation. It is something like an ice-cream but quite different! Gelato has a soft, elastic texture and slow-to-melt milkiness as compared to the creamier texture of an ice-cream. Gelato is churned at a much lower speed and due to this less air is incorporated into the base. This gives it a very dense flavor. It does lack a plush and buttery feel like that of the American ice-cream but it has its own fan following though!

The gelato is prepared in a very different way than the usual ice-cream procedure. Its mix is prepared using a hot process in which the sugars are first dissolved. Then the white base is heated to 85 degrees Celsius which completes the pasteurization program. Some chocolate gelatos have a slightly different procedure owing to the flavoring done with cocoa powder. This dissolved sugar prevents the gelato from freezing into solid. Some modern parlors use stabilizers like guar gum to prevent the gelato from freezing into rock solid.

Whether an ice-cream or gelato, nothing beats the satisfaction one gets after gnawing into an ice-cold dessert in the scorching summer heat. It puts just the perfect end to our sugar cravings! An ice-cream or gelato is definitely one of the best creations of mankind for food lovers!


Can anyone imagine a world without desserts? Almost every person in the world has a particular dessert favorite and everyone does indulge in the sinful sweetness of desserts once in a while. One such drool-worthy and finger-licking dessert is the delicious Belgian Waffle served with sweetened whipped cream and strawberries. The very description makes us us mouth water!

waffles - most loved famous foods
Waffles – most loved famous foods

A typical waffle is made from dough or leavened batter which is cooked between two iron plates that are set in a particular way to give a specific size, surface impression, and shape. Though waffles are eaten all over the world, they are very famous in Belgium with many different recipes and variations. These can be cooked fresh or are also available commercially wherein they only have to be heated.

Waffles today are available all over the world in sweet and savory varieties in myriad sizes and shapes. The Belgian waffles were introduced in North America by a Belgian man named Walter Clayman. He served it initially with whipped cream and strawberries. These became popular as the simplified form of Brussels waffle.  Belgian waffles are a North American variety and are actually a simplified version of the Brussels waffle. They use deeper iron plates and so they are thicker. The hot and freshly baked sweet waffle tastes crunchy on the outside and feather-light on the inside. This sweet heaven when topped with fresh and sweetened whipped cream takes the dish beyond imagination. Sweet and tangy strawberries served along with the waffle add a zing to the taste.

The Belgian varieties of waffles have a lighter battery and deeper squarish pockets when compared to the ordinary American waffles. They are mostly eaten as a breakfast food. There are a variety of topping options like soft fruit, chocolate spread, butter or margarine, confectioners’ sugar, etc. to make the waffle dish even more scrumptious and tasty. Some even prefer vanilla ice-cream and strawberries as toppings over a freshly baked Belgian waffle.

A must-try; this Belgian waffle will be your instant favorite. These both are the top best famous foods in Europe.

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