Famous Restaurants in Boston

famous food in boston

Every Sunday, you can find hundreds of people online trying to find famous food in Boston. There are hundreds of restaurants and food places in this great city. It is really hard to decide what is the best and where to take your fancy when there is so much choice. Follow some simple guidelines and you will be fine.

The first thing you must find out is what is considered famous food in Boston. There are so many things that are famous in this city and I am only going to name a few. Following are the top ten most famous restaurants both for locals and internationals alike. O Ya: It’s like a city lottery for the sushi fan to love food in an affordable amount.

No. 9: It’s like a dream come true for seafood lovers, no doubt about it. Here you can find the best fish and lobster dishes. So, if you love seafood and you are in Boston this restaurant will make your dreams come true.

Babushka: If you love Russian food then you will love to visit this restaurant. You will find great traditional dishes as well as new types of flavors. The prices are cheap and you will get to sample a lot of unique food.

Famous Food In Boston


Restaurant de Nuevo: If you love seafood you should try this restaurant. They serve wonderful Spanish and Mexican dishes. This restaurant is located in the South End at the corner of Boylston Street. It is not too expensive and you can have fun eating here. This is a famous food in Boston that you will love to visit any time of the day.

Il Cuchulainn: If you are looking for an Irish restaurant then you should try this place. The food here is authentic and you will feel the difference when you are eating here. You will also enjoy some great drinks here.

La Dolce Vita: This restaurant is located on Harvard Avenue at the south end of Boylston Street. It is one of the oldest Italian restaurants in Boston. You will find traditional Italian cuisine as well as international dishes here. The prices are reasonable and you can have fun enjoying this wonderful restaurant. There are many famous dishes here such as seafood pasta, meatballs in tomato sauce, lasagna and pizza.

All these restaurants are great places to eat. They offer great famous food from all over the world. You will get to taste different flavors and textures. You will love eating at these restaurants and they are sure to give you an interesting dining experience.

A Few More


La Dolce Vita: The ambiance of this restaurant is perfect. The decor is subtle and classic. You will feel comfortable immediately. The service is also good. You can order anything you want from appetizers to desserts.

Le Cirque: This restaurant is a famous one among the tourists in Boston. The quality of food served here is amazing. The price is very reasonable. The decorations are beautiful and the waiters and staff are friendly. It is located near the Science Museum. You will find here almost every kind of food you want to eat.

Pier Restaurant: This restaurant has a location just a few blocks away from Copley Square in Cambridge. It is a favorite among the tourists in Boston. The atmosphere here is jovial. The menu offers a wide selection of dishes. The prices are affordable. You will never go wrong here.

So, these are some of the famous restaurants in Boston which have given it a world-class name. These restaurants serve famous food and offer it at an affordable price. Even if you do not like food, you can still dine in these restaurants as they cater to all kinds of customers.

Bottom Line 

Now you know where to go for your favorite food. I am sure you will love the delicious food you will be eating. And if you want, you can avail the discounts offered by these restaurants. You will not regret this decision of going for an amazing meal with great comfort.

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