Famous South African Food You Would Want To Taste

famous south african food

South African cuisine is one of the most widely driven foods across the globe because it comes with diversity. Various ethnic groups such as  Zulu, Xhosa, and Cape Malay have their delicious preparations that can drive you crazy. If we add outside influences to their dishes, most of it can be traced back to France and India. A curry-based dish, a non-veg item, or a pure vegan one, your appetite will be fulfilled in any way you want. Let’s roam around to some famous South African food.

 Famous South African Food You Would Want To Taste
Famous South African Food You Would Want To Taste


  • Golden brown baked meat topped with eggs and milk.
  • This is a complete meal course, a super combination of garlic, bell pepper, onion, and milk.
  • The non-veg item is either lamb or beef.
  • A good to take with the famous hot sauce, sambal.


  • Dried meat used mostly as a snack.
  • “Bil” is rump, and “tong” is tongue … A real tongue teaser.
  • The complete mix of black pepper, coriander, and vinegar with meat.

Bunny Chow

  • Curry stuffed square-shaped bread.
  • Can be both veg and non-veg.
  • Known as beans bunny.


  • A bread preparation like a Sandwich.
  •  Assorted ingredients like a condiment, sausage, and potato chips fillings.
  • It is named as Kota due to its preparation from a quarter portion of the bread.
  •  The taste is amazing with soft bread.


  • A Pure Vegetarian Preparation
  • This is also known as “ngine”, “sembe,” “posho,” and “dona.”
  • A white dough with millet flour, maize flour, and sorghum flour.
  • Salads added to that can be both veg or non-veg though.

Yellow Rice

  • It is cooked rice added with cinnamon, raisins, and turmeric.
  • The healthy and tasty rice based on wonderful gravy.


  • A typical tart to served as dessert.
  • The sweet and sugary addition of eggs, milk, and flour.
  • A treat for dessert lovers.

Samp And Beans

  • Cooked samp and beans tossed with spices.
  • It is traditionally known as “isitambu” or “umngqusho.”
  • The spicy taste, from curry powder and black pepper.
Famous South African Food You Would Want To Taste
Famous South African Food You Would Want To Taste

Chakalaka – Famous South African Food

  • A pure vegetarian item.
  • Beans, cabbage, and tomatoes mixed, and spices added to it.
  • Originated from gold miners
  • A very tasty dish with all the veggies and spices added.
  •  Best to have it hot.


  • Sausages made of beef, pork, and lamb are barbequed.
  • “Boer” denotes to farmer and “wors” is sausage.
  • The flavored hot sausage with vinegar and spices goes nice with a wine party.

Christmas Gammon

  • A festival dish.
  • Here you get gammon with a layer of brandy, coke, lemon juice, and instant coffee.
  • It is the most popular dish during Christmas.
  • A baked dessert with an Indian influence.
  • Originated from Cape Malay people.
  • The caramel texture melts inside with apricot jam domination.
  • Best to blend it with ice-cream or custard.

Koeksister- Famous South African Food

  • It is basically the fried pastry that is available throughout South Africa.
  • Also, It can come on a cake structure or a twisted shape.
  • It tastes so beautiful and sugary with the sugar coat in the layers.
  • A wonderful crusty nature.
  • Goes well with coconut sprinkles.

South Africa has a rich culture of indigenous ethnic groups. Naturally, you get the blends of primitive delicacy with the sprinkle of modernization. That dishes out so many delectable items that everyone will find a search for their tummy. Above were some of the famous traditional foods which can cater to your taste buds at any time.

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