Desserts From Around The World That You Will Love

Five Lip Smacking Desserts To Satiate Your Sweet Tooth

Who doesn’t like desserts? Almost everybody does. Desserts are the favorite foods of older people and children alike. For instance, you must have seen the dessert section of Public gatherings having the most crowd. The origin of desserts dates back to hundreds of years. After all, sugary treats have been gratifying people since early times. Here are five desserts from around the world that are going to rekindle your love for sweets.

India: Rasmalai

Rasmalai originated in Odisha, India. The name of this dessert means “nectar cream” in Urdu. True to its name, this delicacy contains squishy balls of cottage cheese soaked in creamy, thick milk and served chilled. We can add to its flavor by sprinkling saffron and ground cardamom. We can use pistachios, dry fruits, or sliced almonds as a topping.

Black Forest Cake

The Black Forest Cake is Germany’s most delicious cake. It has dark rounds of chocolate soaked in cherry syrup and a little punch of sour cherry brandy. The cake has a chocolate base with layers of thick whipped cream and cherries. If this weren’t enough, bakers would drench this cake in more cream and chocolate shavings. The resulting outcome makes it one of the most famous desserts from around the world.

Five Lip Smacking Desserts To Satiate Your Sweet Tooth
Five Lip Smacking Desserts To Satiate Your Sweet Tooth

Maple Taffy

The Canadian maple taffy is a simple, sweet, and fun treat made during sap season between February and April. It requires only two ingredients- snow and maple syrup. This dessert has a candy-like consistency. The Canadians prepare this sweet by boiling pure maple syrup at 234 degrees. Afterward, they pour it over clean, fresh snow. When it becomes hard and sticky enough, they roll it like a lollipop over a wooden stick.


This dessert came into Latin America through Spain. However, ever since, it has deeply rooted itself into American culture. Flan is one of those desserts from around the world that will catch your eye, the moment you see it. The topping of this dish is a wafer-thin layer of dark caramel. The caramel slowly melts and adds to the taste as it mixes with the sauce around the base. Although a bit heavy, this dessert goes perfectly with a meal with intense aromas and chilies.

Five Lip Smacking Desserts To Satiate Your Sweet Tooth
Five Lip Smacking Desserts To Satiate Your Sweet Tooth

Italy: Tiramisu

One cannot forget about Tiramisu while talking about desserts. With a name that means, “pick me up,” it is a dessert that will enchant you with its flavors. Tiramisu contains a delicate combination of cream, chocolate, and coffee. Addition of some alcohol can make things even more enjoyable. Its ever-growing popularity has made Tiramisu very well-known around the globe. Also, don’t dare say a word against this dessert in front of pastry lovers. We warn you.

These were just a few of the most famous desserts in the world. Every second person you meet will have a different choice of desserts. In other words, there are many desserts from around the world.  So many that they are impossible to count on fingers.

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