Countries And Their Most Popular Dishes

Country food essentially means traditional foods. These dishes have served the test of time and passed down through generations. In addition to being nutritious, country foods form an essential part of a country’s identity and culture.

By definition, country food refers to a wide variety of cuisines made by the common folk. The meals include meat, seafood, duck, and a traditional vegetarian diet. Now let us talk about some famous dishes of countries in this regard.

Souvlaki Is Greece Country Food

Greek country food, in general, is full of varieties. Furthermore, we can see all these varieties in their dishes also. The things range from hot meals to soups, and from salads to sweets. However, one major attraction is Souvlaki. You can find this dish anywhere on the streets of Greece, in small shops, and even in bars. That’s how famous it is! Also, it is made quickly and is very cheap (in case you are running low on cash.)

List Of The Best Country Foods From Around The World
List Of The Best Country Foods From Around The World

Tom Yam Goong Thailand

Coconut and rice are the most widely used ingredients in traditional Thai food. Along with vegetarian food, Thai people also relish on beef, seafood, chicken, and pork. However, every dish contains rice in one form or the other. In northeastern Thailand, they eat sticky rice rolled into a ball. One exceptional recipe available throughout Thailand is the Tom Yam Goong. It contains lemongrass, shrimps, cream, laim, Kalgan, and chili, all in a soup-like consistency. Once you have tried this, we assure you that you’ll never regret your decision of going to Thailand.

Kebab Morgh Iran Country Food

Iran has had a somewhat turbulent history since the beginning of time. People have conquered and invaded this country multiple times. As a result, we see the influence of various cultures in the ideas and beliefs of this area. The same is true for cuisines. Iranian country food has an impact of Persians, Romans, Turks, Greeks, and the ancient Babylonians.

One famous dish prevalent in Iran is the Kebab Morgh. The name of this dish essentially means “grilled and skewered chicken.” It consists of chicken flavored with lemon, onion, butter, and saffron, grilled to perfection. It is a must-try for chicken lovers.

List Of The Best Country Foods From Around The World
List Of The Best Country Foods From Around The World

Sushi Is Japan Country Food

The Japanese have their eating habits and cooking style. The primary staples of people here are Rice and Noodles. Rice, just like in Thailand, is a part of every meal. Apart from rice, noodles too, are of various kinds, the most popular being soba. They are thin brown noodles made of udon and buckwheat flour. However, we’re not here to talk about rice or noodles. A name that instantly reminds us of Japanese food is- Sushi. It is an insanely famous Japanese delicacy prepared with vinegared rice and fresh raw seafood. A layer of nori(seaweed sheet) surrounds the ingredients. Additionally, the Japanese cut it into cylindrical bite-sized pieces and serve it immediately.

So, these were some names of delicious country food served around the world. We hope that you try all of them. Bon Appétit.

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