Street Food: Tasting The Local Culture

Street Food - An Attraction Since The Early Times

Ready-to-eat foods and beverages sold in streets and other similar places are called street food. This food is cheaper than restaurants and has become the most popular form of fast food in the world. Although vendors sell it from kiosks and portable food booths, we can also see food carts and food trucks nowadays. Therefore, the vendors can sell at many places in a single day.

Typical examples are hot dogs, pasta, pizzas, and burgers. So let’s dig deeper into how this food style came into being.

Street Food

People ate ready-to-eat food since the earliest times. There are mentions of Ancient Greeks having street vendors. These street vendors sold small fried fish. Old Egyptian street food included rice fritters and lamb. However, the Aztecs ate maize gruels with different kinds of meat. Therefore we can say that street food gained its popularity well before we came to know of it. Today, many places are famous for the foods they sell on the streets. Furthermore, they play an essential role in attracting tourists from across the world.

Here are some exotic street foods that will make your day:

Street Food - An Attraction Since The Early Times
Street Food – An Attraction Since The Early Times

America Street Foods:

  • Baked Mac’ n’ Cheese: This is an American delicacy that wins people over just by its looks. Hence, anybody who tries it is not left disappointed. It is made of freshly made pasta drenched in cheese. The toppings can be of your choice. A perfect topping is of bacon and green onions.
  • Chilli Cheese Fries: This street food is so famous that authors mention it in many books. True to its name, it contains French Fries as the base with toppings of cheese and chili. You can have chili cheese fries at most food trucks and fast food corners all across the USA.  

Vietnam Street Foods:

  • Hoi An Noodles: It is a noodle dish exclusive to Hoi An in Vietnam. In addition to that, it has a great backstory. People say that they make these noodles using water from the ancient, Ba Le Well. Furthermore, the Vietnamese mix the noodles with a natural Hoi An ash. Hoi An Noodles consist of croutons, barbecued pork and greens put into udon-like noodles.
  • Egg Coffee: This dish is a must-try if you ever visit Vietnam. Although it may sound weird at first, we promise that you will not be disappointed. This beverage is a combination of black coffee and egg yolks mixed into condensed milk. You’ll be surprised as it will feel more like a dessert than coffee.
Street Food - An Attraction Since The Early Times
Street Food – An Attraction Since The Early Times

Although we were able to list only a few, there are thousands of different kinds of street foods in the world. Every place has its street food, and you can never have enough of it. These foods have now become a part of our culture and tradition. They are cheap and can satiate your want for a snack in no time. However, you mustn’t relish on these foods every day. Too much consumption can and will harm your health.

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