Yummy Tasty Food Ideas For Kids

Tasty food ideas

Are your kids always stressing you for food? Do they always make a face when you present meals before them? If you are one of those moms or dads who feels that their children are fussy or picky eaters, then here are some tasty food ideas that can help you lure them. Here are some tasty food ideas that can help you make your kids happy.

tasty food ideas for kids
Tasty food ideas for kids

Tasty Food Ideas For Kids

Be Innovative:

Fussy children end up making their moms expert manipulators, food chefs and artists. For instance, your child only wants to have a plain toast without touching his spinach vegetable, try baking your own bread with spinach puree. You can present it to them saying it is Hulk’s favorite green bread! You do not need to do this before every meal to seduce them to eat. But if you take some time out and prepare their meals in advance, it will save you a lot of time, effort, and trouble. A good trick is to squeeze in as many kinds of vegetables as possible in their pizza sauces instead of just adding onions and tomatoes.

Don’t be too Paranoid About Healthy Food Only:

A combination is a key here. here you need to know how to strike the right balance. If your child insists on eating chips, try to fry your own potato chips at home, so that at least you can avoid the added MSG. You can also try bribing your children about eating a bowl of risotto if they get their favorite chips. After all childhood is the time to eat. It is quite simple to please children. If you give in to some of their demands, they are likely to give in to some of yours. But for a change, you can try frying carrots, aubergines, or zucchinis instead of potatoes.

Be Creative:

Creativity in food comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Read colorful crepes, butterfly-shaped pancakes, and whatever else you can think of. Every tried baking your own red-colored bread – Read beetroot juice bread! The internet is full of amazing tricks and tips to get nutritious food into your little one’s tummy. You just need to take out some time and expand your culinary skills. Try making a caterpillar by making a strand of grapes, berries, bananas, and apples. Won’t your child love to eat this fruity caterpillar! But remember, never to go overboard doing this, as it will always make your child demand for something fancy and never eat plain food.

tasty food ideas for kids to please them
Tasty food ideas for kids to please them

Grow your Own Vegetables:

Gardening and growing your own vegetables can be lots of fun with kids at home. You can only imagine their excitement levels when you tell them to pluck a tomato they grew to be added in their soup. This will make them fuss less about food and enjoy it more. Send your children on a carrot plucking activity and give a prize to one who plucks the most. This will introduce healthy competition and love for food. You can also get them to eat fresh food this way.

Eat Together:

This is a family culture that should be inculcated right from the beginning. Families today tend to eat less and less together. This results in growing distances and unhealthy relationships. Eating together also makes them competitive in eating and they learn eating by watching others.

Decorate Cake Pops Together:

If you want to cook some yummy food recipes for your kids, involve them in cooking with you. Make them decorate cake pops with sprinkles, candies, and gems. You can also arrange healthy competitions amongst your kids and see who does the best decoration. This will generate interest amongst kids.

Decorate Sandwiches:

When giving them sandwiches, teach them to decorate it with cute smileys with ketchup. This will also make all the boring food interesting.  You can also sneak some healthy vegetables or avocados inside the sandwiches if you are looking for healthy alternatives.

These are some ideas for food for kids. Try these and see how your kids start enjoying food with you.

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