Tasty Goody Chinese Food Gifts

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When I was young my favorite snack food was a package of Tasty Goody Chinese Kitchens (my very favorite). I would get home from school and load up on some chicken, beef and pork in a brown bag and eat it while watching TV. After awhile it became a tradition for me to come home from school and eat this yummy stuff. I didn’t know what was in the Kitchens, other than it was mainly junk food. My favorite flavors were the barbecue and fried foods. I would either have a bowl of chicken or beef in a deep fat frying pan with some vegetables thrown on top!

I loved the Tasty Goody Chinese Kitchens brand. They had all sorts of different Chinese dishes including the famous hot and sour soup. My mother made it and we would each pick out a dish that we wanted to have. It was such a blast! I still have some of that delicious food from when I was a kid sitting in my kitchen.

The Fast Food Trend Taking Over Our Nation

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These days, with the fast food trend taking over our nation, Chinese food is slowly getting left behind. However, with the rise of fast food chains, Chinese food is starting to get back in the limelight. In fact, the Chinese are coming back big time! Chinese food has become more popular over the years.

I can never turn down a Chinese snack tray. I love getting home from work and having a nice hot, warm, Chinese snack before I go to bed. The best part is that they are usually made so well that you don’t even notice they are there!

The Tasty China Bay

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For instance, the Tasty China Bay is a huge, two-piece plastic tray that comes with everything you need for five Chinese food items. That’s right, five steamed chicken breasts, five beef stir-fry pouches, five different types of noodles and five Chinese vegetable dishes. It’s so handy! You just pop everything in the container and off you go.

The Tasty China Bay is made from high quality stainless steel. The outside is clear so you can see all of the food, but the inside has an alcove design so you know what is inside. It has a snap closure so the lid stays on tight. It is dishwasher safe, too. It will hold up to 10 servings, which makes it perfect for when you have a large family or are watching the kids.

Tasty China Bay Mini Robot

Another popular item is the Tasty China Bay Mini Robot. It’s great for taking along to the Chinese restaurant at night or for camping during the day. It’s got a sensor that will let you know when the container is empty. It’s fully programmable so you can set it up and leave it up to store food for you or your family while you’re gone. The only thing is, if you leave it up too long, it will be hungry!

All of these are made from high quality materials, too. That means they will last for a long time and they won’t fall apart. Plus, they are all very colorful. You can mix and match different colors to personalize your gift. They make great party favors too!

Chinese Candy

Did you know that you can order candy in bulk and save even more? Yes, you can! Chinese candy is sold in small containers at all five Chinese grocery stores around the country. Most of them offer free shipping and you can get them in your email, too!

There are some other gift ideas you might like to consider. Did you know there is a hotpot that you can buy? This is easy to use and it heats up in as little as 20 minutes! It can keep boiling until it gets hot, which is perfect for using in a Chinese restaurant!

Final Words

If you’re into decorating, you can get these Chinese themed wall hangings printed up and hang them on your walls! Or, there are stencils you can purchase that you just pencil up with permanent Chinese lettering. These are great for using in a classroom. Children love Chinese characters and can draw them on their own! There are even stickers you can buy that have Chinese lettering on them, but you have to put the sticker on the back instead of on the front of your mouth!

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