Street Food: Popular Dishes To Try

What Are Some Of The Street Food Around The World

We will take you on a world tour of some of the best food cultures and dishes. Americans always have had a liking for world food. The cultures of different countries and their food habits, in particular, have been intriguing. If you are a street food fan, then hit on the pedal and move on. There is always something interesting about street food. You take a walk down those narrow streets in the market and something attracts you. Not to mention, they cost less than a dollar. You cannot ask for more really.

Turkish Streetfood

The best part of Turkey is that it is a combination of Asia and Europe. Hence, the influence of all cultures can found here. Istanbul the capital of the country serves perhaps what is the best street food in the world, doner kebab.

The meat dishes served in this country are out of the world. They have to taste and relished to understand it. They come in a wide range of dishes. The sauces too are prepared with interesting ingredients and toppings.

The sweets are also one of a kind. You will find it extremely difficult to resist the temptation of not being able to eat the food once you see it.

Thai Streetfood

You cannot miss out the street food that is available in Thailand. It is the number one destination in the world and you can find that with the number of tourists flocking the country every year.

In Bangkok, the capital of the country, you can find a wide range of snacks. These food dishes do not take longer than a minute to prepare. Not to mention, they also come with strange food items like fried insects and cockroaches.

If you like to have those kinds of food, then go ahead and eat them. If you love to have desserts and sweets, then you should try out the grilled items and noodles in Bangkok. Some of them include mango sticky rice, fried bananas, and palm leaf.

One of their popular dishes called the Som Tam or papaya salad. It comes flavored with intense heat. The chili used are small and come packed with loads of heat. The Guay Teow Thai noodle soup and Pad Thai fried noodle dish shrimps; tofu and tamarind are also worth mentioning in here.

These were some of the ultimate and best street food around the world. If you are planning to taste some of the best dishes, then pack your bags and get ready to be inspired. There is always something exciting about street food in different countries.

They come with intense flavor and taste. While some of the food items might be bland, others come with a heavy dose of chili powder and masala. Especially true for Asian inspired dishes that known for extensive use of chili powder.

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