Three Best Cajun Food Recipes From The World’s Best Cajun Restaurants

world's best cajun food

The most popular styles of cooking in Cajun country is hot chicken. It is a staple in the Cajun culture and is considered to be one of the most tasty foods in Louisiana. The secret to Cajun cooking is the use of aromatics. Aromatics are essential when it comes to adding flavor and depth to a dish. Let’s discover some of the world’s best Cajun food that utilizes the unique properties of aromatics to make it irresistible.

Katso Kaikki is a spicy sour soup that is popular all over the world. Some people refer to it as “pot chicken”. The unique Cajun connection is that the ingredients in this soup are always cooked in an arc (a deep pot where it boils over propane).

“Spicy, sour, spicy” may sound like the ingredients in any soup, but this spicy chicken soup goes well beyond the basic ingredients. Traditionally, the soup is made with onion, celery, and garlic. It is then layered with a mixture of flour, corn meal, spices, and chicken stock. The final result is a thick, syrupy soup that is very hot and is served with bread. The sight of this dish will make you want to dive right in.

Louisiana Is A Great Traditional Recipe

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Louisiana is known for many great traditional recipes; however, there is one absolutely unforgettable dish from the south that must be sampled if you are ever on vacation in Cajun country. The recipe is called Bon Appetite! This is a delicious soup that is usually made with beef, pork, or shrimp and is served with absolutely delicious sauce.

The Bon Appetite! recipe was originally created in response to the “dieter’s favorite” of white rice. In response to the popularity of white rice, the “queen of the south” created a dish using it as her favorite side dish. The sauce she made with it is what is known as the best Cajun food. In fact, this dish is often referred to as the Louisiana Peach Sauce and has absolutely fantastic cooking skills.

Know About Peach Sauce

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The reason why the recipe is best known as the “Peach Sauce” is because of the passion, time, and energy that went into creating it. Most people assume that it is based solely on peach juice, but actually, the dish is heavily made up of flavors from different items that were used in the preparation. For example, peaches, red bell pepper, onions, garlic, and spices all have their own special flavors that add to the richness of the dish. Some cooks use recipes from old books, while others have begun their own based on their personal taste.

The second dish on the list of the best Cajun food is the Grits. This dish uses an old fashioned roux as its base. This roux is actually made from corn meal that is ground to a fine powder. It is then mixed with vegetable oil, flour, onion powder, and spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and even thyme. When these ingredients are heated together, the resulting liquid turns into a delicious paste that can be used to make a variety of delicious Cajun food. A thick and syrupy consistency, Grits is often seasoned with coarse salt to bring out the true flavor of the dish.

Bottom Line

The third recipe on the list of the best Cajun food is called the Blue Mountain Cocktail. This drink is often served after a meal, as a dessert, or as a shot. It takes three ingredients, lemon, orange, and blueberry or other red wine. All of the ingredients are combined in a blender and poured into a shot glass then allowed to cool before serving.

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