Top 5 Foods to Try on Your Vacation in Italy

A narrow river in a city

Italy is an enchanting and beautiful country that offers a treasure trove of cuisines, some of which you cannot find elsewhere in the world. It has a long standing history of cultural and gastronomic influences that can be traced back to ancient Rome and the decadence that followed the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The “Tuscany” region of Italy is a culinary delight with its rich cultural heritage and idyllic locations such as the city of Tuscany, where you can get to experience world-class Italian cuisine as never before.

An Overview

A narrow river in a city

It is an iconic location and home to some of Italy’s most popular tourist spots like San Gimignano & Monte Tauro, Lucedepotts, Miramonti and Villaoggio. World’s Best Food Awards have consistently voted the Tuscany region as one of the top ten gastronomic attractions in the world. It is an exciting place to explore, relax and soak up some world-class Italian cuisine.

If you are looking for a restaurant with a contemporary setting, then head for this restaurant in Siena. It is named after a famous street in Tuscany, where the chef, Mario D’ola, serves his delicious Neapolitan and Barolo dishes. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant that features international dishes along with local fare. It offers gourmet food in a comfortable atmosphere.

Italian Foods To Try In your Next Italy Tour

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Bonjour is another restaurant in Tuscany, considered as one of the world’s best food restaurants. The restaurant started as a cart in the marketplace selling Mediterranean herbs. It was then transformed into a traditional bistro with a bar and restaurant attached. As the popularity of the cart grew so did the restaurant’s atmosphere. Today, it is regarded as a fine dining experience in the heart of Tuscany. It offers a wide selection of Mediterranean dishes and international fare.

This restaurant is situated in the historic town center in the beautiful & picturesque city of Florence. The first building, it is connected with is Pignolo. This restaurant is considered as the birthplace of modern Italian cuisine. It specializes in traditional Roman and Tuscan fare. Bonjour is definitely a must visit for any food fan.

This wine & beverage center are located in Florence. It offers wine tasting tours as part of its basic service. It also features a wine cellar & an award winning wine factory. Wine lovers will be delighted with the variety of wine offerings. It also features gourmet meals.

This Italian eatery is located in the beautiful region of Abruzzi. Its owner, Mario Pignolo, developed this dish when he was traveling through Italy with the chef brother, Piero Pignolo. This famous & beloved cuisine is now offered by various hotels, restaurants, cafes, and other establishments around the world. A visit to this famous & world-class Italian eatery is sure to be an unforgettable experience for all those who are craving for authentic Italian dishes.

This world-famous restaurant is located in the beautiful & picturesque region of Abruzzi. It offers a variety of traditional Italian fare, which includes pastas, pizza, appetizers, specialty salads, seafood, meatballs, prime rib, and specialty desserts. Those seeking romantic or honeymoon experiences should definitely try this Italian eatery. Bonjour, for your next vacation, you should definitely stop by Bonjour, Italy for a truly memorable experience.

If you’re looking for a healthy yet tasty alternative to pasta, then you should visit La Strada. This is the place where La Strada is noted for its heavenly flavor of seafood pasta. It is also noted for having the worlds best pizza. Those looking for a great way to warm up their stomachs should visit La Strada. You can order a delicious seafood pasta dish while you dine at its restaurant. Order some pasta right away, so that you can savor the delight of its delicious seafood pasta.

Bottom Line

If you are an art lover and would like to indulge in some culture, then you can check out museums like Museo e Galleria Civico in Florence. It is a museum that showcases the rich art work done by various artists of Florence. There are many other museums in this beautiful city as well. It is best if you do your research well on the different places before visiting them. Tourists from all over the world travel to Italy just to check out some of the places that are featured in the best travel guides. You should not miss out on this opportunity.

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