Unhealthiest Food That People Should Avoid Eating

The 6 Most Eaten Foods In The World Today

Number one of the Unhealthiest food on my list is SOY. Soy, something we’ve all been led to believe is the miracle answer for curing world hunger. Moreover, it is amazingly good for you, but it is terrible for you, especially if you’re a woman.

Soy is the world’s biggest GMO. It’s also an insidious, underestimated allergen. Many many people have a soy allergy and don’t know it because it doesn’t just cause throat closing and hives like most things we think of as allergens.

My soy allergy manifests itself as severe nausea after eating, dizziness, and difficulty breathing. (I get more classic symptoms, the throat closing, and hives, from rhubarb and artificial scents, especially artificial rose.) And the worst part is? Its label is not there in the allergens list at the bottom of the ingredients.

Very often, if you see “vegetable oil,” it’s soy unless it states palm/canola/sunflower/etc. Explicitly.

On top of that, many soy allergen sufferers still suffer the effects of it. The FDA in America doesn’t require highly filtered soybean oil to be on the list. therefore, restaurants won’t inform you that their products contain the same. 

Unhealthiest Food That People Should Avoid Eating
Unhealthiest Food That People Should Avoid Eating

Problems- Of- Soy: Unhealthiest Food

On top of allergies, if you’re a woman, it is terrible news. Soy contains phytoestrogens, more than any other plant. It means soy boosts your risk of breast cancer more than any other food because breast cancer has a powerful link to estrogen levels.

(Healthier alternatives if you are vegetarian/vegan and don’t drink milk are nut kinds of milk or if you’re allergic to tree nuts, hypoallergenic coconut milk but no good for putting on cereal.)

It gets worse if you have PCOS because the phytoestrogens in soy inflame your ovaries and make everything about PCOS worse. So anything containing soy is in a spot for the unhealthiest junk food in the world.

Concepts Of Few More Foods That You Should Strictly Prohibit

Unhealthiest Food That People Should Avoid Eating
Unhealthiest Food That People Should Avoid Eating

Anything deep-fried on a stick. Possible worst offenders in this category include deep-fried butter and the double-bacon double-deep-fried corn dog.

There absolutely is such a thing as junk food and denying so betrays an ignorance of nutrition and is not safe, especially if you have a medical condition and are led to believe all food is healthy.

I read recently that in Chile that it is now illegal to put toys in fast food for children ( like the Happy Meal). Happy Meal. Think of the thoughts that go into this; get them while they are young. Just like when I was a kid, they sold toy cigarette candies (now illegal). I never smoked personally, but I didn’t grow up around it either.

So nobody can say what the unhealthiest is but also keep in mind that as long as you have a balanced diet, exercise and know how to do things in moderation, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy junk food. Let’s not get crazy here. A donut is junk food, but it certainly is not going to kill you to have one or two.