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Venezuela Famous Food Items

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The people of Venezuela not only take pride in their beautiful countryside, but they also love their unique and rich cuisine. Their cuisine has influences from the Spanish, West African and Native American cultures. Most dishes contain corn, plantains, black beans and meats. Venezuela famous food items have been listed below. Each of these dishes have a unique flavor and make.


This is a corn-based bread and one of the best Venezuelan food. It can be eaten as a main dish or even as a side. It is a side, flat and round unleavened patty made from corn flour. This bread can be fried, grilled or even baked. It is filled with a variety of ingredients depending upon the style of cooking. It is a versatile dish as you can add your personal touch to the dough and to the filling as well. Some people even add shredded carrots or beets to the dough or the filling. Stuffings include scrambled eggs, black beans with cheese, avocado and such others.

Pabellon Criollo

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This Venezuelan dish has a juicy pulled beef, black beans and white rice. It is served with shredded salty white cheese grated over black beans. It is the perfect combo of different flavors. The salty flavor of beef and beans go well in perfect harmony. The plantains add a sweet flavor to the dish making it a perfect party item. This dish has been mentioned in the Venezuelan ancient cultures as well.


These are even better than mozzarella sticks. These are cheese sticks made with a pastry crust wrapped around a salty white cheese. These can be fried or baked. These are typically served with different dipping sauces. The most famous is guasacaca, that is made from Venezuelan avocado-based sauce. This snack is popularly served in many occasions as an afternoon snack. 


This is a type of corn dough wrapped in plantain and filled with a filling made from beef, olives, pork, capers and other vegetables. It is then steamed and cooked in boiling water. This dish came up in Venezuela due to the cultural mix that came up during colonization. The plantain is an adaption from Africa, corn dough is from Venezuela, while guiso comes from Spain. This dish is mainly eaten during Christmas dinners. It is served with some butter on top and some ham bread. 


This one is a pancake like cake from fresh corn batter and some pieces of corn kernels. It is mostly eaten with queso de mano that is hand-made cheese, as it main stuffing and some cream and butter drizzled over the top. This dish has a sweet flavor that matches perfectly with saltines of the stuffing used. This dish is served in small road side restaurants and eateries. It has originated from Central Venezuela.

These are some of the best Venezuela famous food items that you must try.

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