What The World Eats: Common Foods

Food tells a lot about people, their standards of living, cultures, and traditions. Food receives the same respect as an art form nowadays. Moreover, masters of cooking use it as a way to express themselves. For this reason, we now have many cooking competitions all across the world. In spite of so many varieties and combinations, there are a few foods known to all. So, let’s begin our journey to find out these common foods and know “what the world eats.”


Chicken tops our list of “what the world eats.” It is the most common type of food in the world. All cultures around the globe have their varieties of chicken-(except vegetarians of course). It is low cost and very easy to raise, in comparison to other domestic animals. One can prepare chicken in a variety of ways including- baking, barbecuing, frying, and grilling. Nowadays, we can see chicken becoming a staple of fast food everywhere in the world.


Almost half of the world population eats rice as a first food in their diet. Therefore, we can also call it the food crop of the developing world. Moreover, Chinese and Thai cuisines have rice as a part of every meal.

This ingredient is very versatile in the sense that it can enhance the consistency and flavor of any meal. Rice can be either steamed or boiled, or made into noodles, and bread by grinding into flour.


Like the two foods mentioned above, soups also are a part of most cuisines. Depending upon their choices, some people like soups having a water-like consistency. While others may want them to be thick. Some prefer them plain, at the same time some want diced vegetables and chicken in their soups. We can date back the consumption of soups to 20,000 BC. In the present day, there are ready-to-eat soups available almost everywhere. These can be either canned or in a dried form.

The Most Well-Known Foods In The World
The Most Well-Known Foods In The World


People often overlook salads and take them for granted. However, salad is what the world eats in the present times. They have numerous variations. Some of them are fruit salads, pasta salads, tuna salads, and classic vegetable salad. You can prepare a salad in any way you can think. Moreover, it is very delicious and has many health benefits. 

Of course, many more common foods can come into our list of “what the world eats.” However, we listed just a few. Irrespective of language and culture, food connects us to other people and gives us a sense of belongingness. It has become a universal language that we use to communicate and portray our own identity.

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