Which Food Groups Do You Like?

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There are many food groups available and each type of food has its own function.

A vegetarian is someone who avoids eating meat and fish and eats only vegetables, rice, wheat, and assorted other varieties of fruit and other plants. Most vegetarians eat less meat among other animal protein sources. Animal proteins in general have high-fat content. These fats, especially saturated fats, are not good for the heart. Cholesterol in animal foods is also very dangerous.

Which Food Group Do You Like?
Which Food Group Do You Like?

Processed and prepared foods are those that are full of preservatives, flavorings, sugar, artificial ingredients, and other unnecessary chemicals. This gives processed foods, the same kind of negative effect on the body as eating meat does. For example, milk is often heavily fortified with calcium, but dairy is not good for the heart because it tends to build up calcium deposits. Studies show that calcium supplements have no beneficial effect.

A typical diet that we eat contains carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are starch-based. Starch in food is broken down into glucose, a simple sugar. It is stored in the liver because of this organ stores glucose.

Fats are made up of vegetable oils and some protein from animal foods. These oils can be rancid if the process used to make them is not safe. Manufacturers have learned to use heating and other processes to make vegetable oils safe to use in food. However, animal fats can be rancid if they are not used properly or stored properly. So, an important food group in most diets is animal fats.

Special Food Group Are Available For Children

Milk, cheese, eggs, fish, and poultry are all important food groups for growing children. Also, children generally consume more of these food groups than adults do. But, that doesn’t mean that adults should skip eggs and cheese and concentrate on milk and eggs. These foods are very good for the heart. They can also be cooked very well.

Other important food groups for growing children include vegetables, bread, rice, and cereals. The family can eat more vegetables because these are not as much of a heart problem as meats and fats. Broccoli and other vegetable juices can be used to make soups. And, vegetables and fruits can be incorporated into a regular diet.

Which Food Group Do You Like?
Which Food Group Do You Like?

Rice is the main group for adults, but grains are important for growing children. Grains and pulses contain fiber, which helps keep the digestive system working well. Foods high in fiber are important for people with acid reflux, as they tend to create stomach acid that may become too concentrated. Foods with high in plant sterols can help too.

Dairy products and eggs are important food groups for growing children. Dairy products are very good for the heart, but children don’t need to eat the whole carton. Egg yolks and egg whites can be used for yummy sauces and spreads.

It is necessary to add lots of vegetables and fruits to a good diet so that it contains all of the important food groups for growing children. But, the opposite is also true. Sometimes it is best to cut back on certain foods in order to get the right amount of other food groups.


Salt is needed in a diet to provide the body with sodium. When you talk about reducing salt, it means reducing the amount of sodium found in food products. Sodium is also an element in our bodies. We need to be careful not to take too much.

Eating and living are important. The food groups we eat affect our health in many ways.

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