World Food And National Foods-Spot: The Difference -

World Food And National Foods-Spot: The Difference

This Is What You Should Know About Common Foods

The question that is often asked by small business owners is, “Do the World Food and National Foods merger do anything to change our brand?” We must realize that these two are very similar in their products. They both have interesting labels, and they also have similar boxes. For small business owners, this may not be such a big deal, but to the World Foods and National Foods market it can be a major concern.

The difference between these two companies is what they offer and how they make a sale. Food industry marketers and distributors are constantly competing with each other for your business. They also need to know which advertising and marketing tactics will be best for you.

World Food Gives The Best Proteins

National Foods’ goal was to create a product with the same amount of protein as nationally. However, they decided to use four grams instead of the traditional ten. As you know, protein is important for muscle building. This makes the protein level of their product more ideal for muscle building.

World Food and National Foods- Spot The Difference
World Food and National Foods- Spot The Difference

The World Food, however, does not believe in using four grams of protein per serving. Instead, they use five grams of protein. They feel that five grams of protein per serving are sufficient and that your body will absorb it better.

You will see the differences when you compare the two products. Some of them are obvious, but others are not so obvious.

As far as price goes, they are nearly the same, but as far as price is concerned the only difference is that National Foods costs more per serving. That being said, you may have to eat more of the higher-priced product to get the same amount of protein. But, they both have the same price per serving. Since the prices are about the same, it really comes down to what you want to spend.

On the packaging front, World Foods has a lot more choice than National Foods. This includes their own name on their packaging, as well as a special design. You will also find the added bonus of two “brand names” as a one time offer if you choose. However, you can expect to see the same amount of content in each package. One difference however is that National Foods has a paper seal on its packaging.

While most people prefer paper, many of them do not like the paper smell associated with food. Because of this, and also because of how well it is designed to hide the taste of the food, it is an attractive packaging option.

World Food Does Not harm The Body

Another difference that you will notice when comparing the two brands is that World Foods has a lot more options than National Foods. They offer six or seven protein levels. Also, they have seven varieties of supplements. They also offer protein powders, creams, shakes, and drinks.

World Food and National Foods- Spot The Difference
World Food and National Foods- Spot The Difference

This allows their nutritionists to create a menu that fits a variety of lifestyles. If you have a gym membership, a dietician, or need something extra to take before or after you exercise then you will find it.

One thing that National Foods doesn’t offer is a protein-only supplement. They also don’t offer formulas that provide the necessary amino acids that you would need for muscle growth.


As you can see, World Foods and National Foods are very similar in many ways. Both products are popular among bodybuilders, and people who want to build muscles. It’s just a matter of knowing which of the two is best for you.

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